Wednesday, May 26, 2010

google docs

I am very interested in Google docs for a number of reasons first of which it can be a great tool for teachers to collaborate with each other and share information that is working in class. Its awesome that you can upload any file and then invite others via e-mail to view these files. Teachers can share lesson plans, fitness data or any other useful information in any format. It is also available to share online with the rest of the world to see. Others can also chime in and change the document revising it to fit anyone needs. At any time you can use the revisions or view the original document, which is pretty cool! A person can also download spread sheets and chat with people who are on your site in real time. Its neat to be able to walk either other teachers or students through a spread sheet all on line! Google docs can change the way meetings occur. Teachers can give hands on instruction all online. This technology can improve education giving anyone the opportunity to learn at any time any place online! Presentations can be given anytime, and instead of just being able to view the presentation, the audience can actually participate.

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