Monday, May 24, 2010

Why I teach with Ipod

Man I could see myself being very exited if I walked into a classroom and a teacher says that we are going to be using Ipods to help us learn. What a great way of getting students excited about learning. The interest that the students would have on using the Ipods would create a positive learning environment for them. Students can be very successful if they are excited about what they are learning. Besides simply just motivating students to learn, the article talks about students learning through many different styles. Audio, visual, hands on. One example was that a student can record a lecture, and analyze photos, and then podcast about the topic. creating a conducive learning environment. It is also very convenient to carry an Ipod. They are tiny and wont create a lot of distractions. The article refers to them as miniature Tudors! Because this puts the teacher in touch with his/her students all the time, Less time is spent on lecture and more time on hands on learning.

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  1. I would be super excited too if I got to use iPods in class. It probably would motivate students; maybe they'd come to class more often too! Yes, people do learn a lot of different ways. I am very much a visual learner and feel a lot better if I see an example along with the normal instruction. Pretty soon some company will probably come up with a computer that's the size of an iPod. Apple's getting close with the iPad!