Monday, May 24, 2010

Technology in PE

I have learned in the past two weeks how ignorant I was in the realm of technology. This has been my first time on, Twitter, Flickr, and yes even Facebook. I have read a few blogs; however, never thought to create one. I also had no idea what a podcast was! I am learning so much, and excited to be able to use this new found technology to help me as a teacher and coach.

I know that I can use some of these sites to motivate students who are into using technology into learning physical education. I have already been looking into ways to post hart rate monitor data on the internet. Most of my students find a way to get online. Even if they have no access at home, they can go to the library, the computer lab, a friends house, or even through their cell phones. I also plan to take them to the computer lab as a class to work on this project. By adding technology to this assignment students seem more motivated and excited about PE. It is just like learning any new skill. It may be difficult and frustrating at first, but very rewarding when mastered.

Microbolgging is also very interesting to me. Just like in this class teachers and coaches can bounce ideas off each other to establish best teaching strategies for our students. This technology allows teachers to access information about their subjects from teachers around the world. It seems that this technology can take teacher collaboration to a whole new level.

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  1. Robert I agree with you one hundred percent that this technology is the wave of the future and how all the different aspects can be beneficial for ourselves, but especially our students. I too am swimming in a sea of techno speak and have entered sites and areas I have never been before this Kin 710 class, but hoe exciting to open your mind to new ideas.