Monday, May 24, 2010

technology: changing puplic Libraries

This article shows how technology is changing the way library's function. With advances in technology and the "tech savvy" population of young students, Library's are needing to change to meet the needs of it consumers. This article discusses the point that many young people have more knowledge of technology then many Librarians do, and that by adding some resources that are relatively inexpensive, they can better meet the needs of everyone. One way they are enhancing library's is through blogs. With blogs librarians can collaborate with both other librarians as well as clients to get feedback as to what is working and to how better meet their needs. They can then develop strategies to allow their clients to receive the knowledge that they are looking for. They are using podcast to train staff as well as to give tutorials on how to find the resources that the client is looking for. It seems as if they are moving in the right direction. The key is for them to take the steps into making learning as painless as possible and to make the library more user friendly. I believe we can do many of the same things in our classroom as well as in coaching. Our coaching staff is looking into buying software that will allow us to put all of our game film online and create a library of game film. This could be beneficial in many ways. 1) we can exchange game film with other teams on-line. 2) We get rid of all those DVD s laying around the office. 3) Our players and coaches will be able to access the film 24/7. In any profession Technology is there to make your job more productive; nevertheless, it is up to us whether we embrace this technology.

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