Monday, May 24, 2010

Using Podcast

This article takes a look at how audio technology can enhance learning. Learning how to create a podcast is a new task for me; however, I have used podcast as a way of learning without even knowing. I remember those long lectures going through my Physical education program and how I used a recorder to go back and catch many facts that I would have missed otherwise. Hearing the lecture a second time seemed to help the material sink in. I consider my self a visual learner; however, when combining visual, hands on, and auditory learning I did much better in school. The article points out that because audio content is available anywhere at any time then learning can also take place anywhere at any time. Students are no longer tied to a certain location or time period in which they can learn. Listening can also be more desired by some students then reading, and in some cases can lessen the affect that a disability has on student learning, whether it is a visual disability or reading disability. Personally I believe it is just another viable option in the learning process, and as a teacher I believe we should give as many options for learning as possible. This may be a little off topic but I am very interested in the thought of what affect music has on athletic training. Personally, I enjoy listening to music while I train, and any weight room I run the music is blaring! It seems to have a positive impact on the intensity of the workout, as well as give student athletes a positive connection between training and music.

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