Saturday, June 19, 2010

professional portfolio - personal web site, Plaxo, LinkedIn.

Google sites is a great site for building a portfolio. I like the fact that I can share my information with who I want as well as sharing information with anyone. It seems a great place to be able to communicate with colleges, or students. I enjoyed the tutorial in our class on how to add things to the web pages. A teacher could literally run an online class from this site. Plaxo and linked in seem to be sites that are almost like facebook; however, it seems more professional and private. I could add whoever I want and keep in touch. I think that we can use all of these sites, but I'm sure we will pick and choose the sites that will be most beneficial. Before this class I was not aware of any of these things. now I know of many ways to bring technology into my curriculum.

google sites

Just got done creating my on line portfolio. I just simply added all of my portfolio stuff from my computer and found that it is fairly easy. I know that this will be a work in progress but I believe that this could be really awesome once I add some videos and images. please feel free to check it out. Its been a blast so far and I look forward to future classes with you all.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Library thing

Here is the URL for my Library Thing account. It is a great site that makes finding a book very easy. This site allows users to search books by title and authors. I added 5 books to my Lirary feel free to check them out.

How many times have you felt like Robin?

Monday, May 31, 2010

useful podcast site

Being able to search through podcast can be a useful way to plug into many topics that can help you in your career. I found a great sight that is intended to help high school football coaches. In this site they are having upcoming coaches clinics. The sight also offers advice on dealing with today's athletes, different coaching philosophies. It has different football coaches come on as guest to discuss a wide variety of coaching topics. I like that I have the ability to look through and listen to the things that interest me.

Taping technique for shin splints


This sight allows you to search a variety of different blogs, posts, videos that interest you. A person can then reply to the blog. This is a great way for a person to find information they are looking for by simply searching titles or tags. A person can also make their own blogs available to the public by adding tags to their blogs.


This site could be very beneficial to me because it could allow me to get my bookmarks anywhere at any time. I have so many sites saved at home that I wish I could get on at work or even when I'm out of town. Delicious makes this possible. A person can open their bookmarks anywhere at any time. It seems to make the internet more efficient. I also like the fact that you can look at other peoples bookmarks and add their same bookmarks to your delicious page. It also has the capability to share or keep your bookmarks private.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

incorporating technology into my career

I believe thus far the tool that could be most effective in my career would have to be Google docs. By using this technology a teacher can upload any file, or create presentations for anyone view and interact with. This site has endless possibilities in improving the way teachers teach and the way students learn. Teachers can use this site to learn from colleagues in a collaborative setting, and create lessons for students to learn online. Its a hands on learning internet option that any student or teacher can benefit from. I will for sure use this tool for students to graph and analize fitness data. I like that I can be on it with them helping them along the way!

web 2.0

This site is pretty sweet! a person can learn so much about ways to improve or make your internet more efficient. This site gives you the best tools to do just about anything you want online. Whatever it is you need from music to cooking to blogging this site can give you the best category to get the job done more efficiently.

google docs

I am very interested in Google docs for a number of reasons first of which it can be a great tool for teachers to collaborate with each other and share information that is working in class. Its awesome that you can upload any file and then invite others via e-mail to view these files. Teachers can share lesson plans, fitness data or any other useful information in any format. It is also available to share online with the rest of the world to see. Others can also chime in and change the document revising it to fit anyone needs. At any time you can use the revisions or view the original document, which is pretty cool! A person can also download spread sheets and chat with people who are on your site in real time. Its neat to be able to walk either other teachers or students through a spread sheet all on line! Google docs can change the way meetings occur. Teachers can give hands on instruction all online. This technology can improve education giving anyone the opportunity to learn at any time any place online! Presentations can be given anytime, and instead of just being able to view the presentation, the audience can actually participate.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This site is very cool. It seems to be a great way for a person to find information from blogs or the web while cutting out information you don't want. I think it is neat that you can edit it to send you only the info you are looking for. This site can be a powerful tool for someone looking for information in a timely manor. I will for sure use this site and set it up to give me the information I desire. It seems that once you have it set up how you want it, surfing the net will be a thing of the past!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Technology in PE

I have learned in the past two weeks how ignorant I was in the realm of technology. This has been my first time on, Twitter, Flickr, and yes even Facebook. I have read a few blogs; however, never thought to create one. I also had no idea what a podcast was! I am learning so much, and excited to be able to use this new found technology to help me as a teacher and coach.

I know that I can use some of these sites to motivate students who are into using technology into learning physical education. I have already been looking into ways to post hart rate monitor data on the internet. Most of my students find a way to get online. Even if they have no access at home, they can go to the library, the computer lab, a friends house, or even through their cell phones. I also plan to take them to the computer lab as a class to work on this project. By adding technology to this assignment students seem more motivated and excited about PE. It is just like learning any new skill. It may be difficult and frustrating at first, but very rewarding when mastered.

Microbolgging is also very interesting to me. Just like in this class teachers and coaches can bounce ideas off each other to establish best teaching strategies for our students. This technology allows teachers to access information about their subjects from teachers around the world. It seems that this technology can take teacher collaboration to a whole new level.

Why I teach with Ipod

Man I could see myself being very exited if I walked into a classroom and a teacher says that we are going to be using Ipods to help us learn. What a great way of getting students excited about learning. The interest that the students would have on using the Ipods would create a positive learning environment for them. Students can be very successful if they are excited about what they are learning. Besides simply just motivating students to learn, the article talks about students learning through many different styles. Audio, visual, hands on. One example was that a student can record a lecture, and analyze photos, and then podcast about the topic. creating a conducive learning environment. It is also very convenient to carry an Ipod. They are tiny and wont create a lot of distractions. The article refers to them as miniature Tudors! Because this puts the teacher in touch with his/her students all the time, Less time is spent on lecture and more time on hands on learning.

Using Podcast

This article takes a look at how audio technology can enhance learning. Learning how to create a podcast is a new task for me; however, I have used podcast as a way of learning without even knowing. I remember those long lectures going through my Physical education program and how I used a recorder to go back and catch many facts that I would have missed otherwise. Hearing the lecture a second time seemed to help the material sink in. I consider my self a visual learner; however, when combining visual, hands on, and auditory learning I did much better in school. The article points out that because audio content is available anywhere at any time then learning can also take place anywhere at any time. Students are no longer tied to a certain location or time period in which they can learn. Listening can also be more desired by some students then reading, and in some cases can lessen the affect that a disability has on student learning, whether it is a visual disability or reading disability. Personally I believe it is just another viable option in the learning process, and as a teacher I believe we should give as many options for learning as possible. This may be a little off topic but I am very interested in the thought of what affect music has on athletic training. Personally, I enjoy listening to music while I train, and any weight room I run the music is blaring! It seems to have a positive impact on the intensity of the workout, as well as give student athletes a positive connection between training and music.

technology: changing puplic Libraries

This article shows how technology is changing the way library's function. With advances in technology and the "tech savvy" population of young students, Library's are needing to change to meet the needs of it consumers. This article discusses the point that many young people have more knowledge of technology then many Librarians do, and that by adding some resources that are relatively inexpensive, they can better meet the needs of everyone. One way they are enhancing library's is through blogs. With blogs librarians can collaborate with both other librarians as well as clients to get feedback as to what is working and to how better meet their needs. They can then develop strategies to allow their clients to receive the knowledge that they are looking for. They are using podcast to train staff as well as to give tutorials on how to find the resources that the client is looking for. It seems as if they are moving in the right direction. The key is for them to take the steps into making learning as painless as possible and to make the library more user friendly. I believe we can do many of the same things in our classroom as well as in coaching. Our coaching staff is looking into buying software that will allow us to put all of our game film online and create a library of game film. This could be beneficial in many ways. 1) we can exchange game film with other teams on-line. 2) We get rid of all those DVD s laying around the office. 3) Our players and coaches will be able to access the film 24/7. In any profession Technology is there to make your job more productive; nevertheless, it is up to us whether we embrace this technology.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

wild cat offense

I coach at the high school level JV head coach/ offensive coordinator. Last season I had my first loosing season in my short 6 year coaching career; however, I felt like I coached harder and learned more last year then all my other winning seasons combined. Going into the season I was well aware of the lack of talent and I understood that I needed to try something different. After all I saw that lining up in an I formation and running into what seemed like a brick wall was not going to do anything but put me on suicide watch :) Early in spring training I started tinkering with the idea of putting in the Wildcat offense or at least what I consider to be the wildcat. After opening up week one with a devastating 48-14 loss I decided to make the Wildcat a primary offense. This offense did not work miracles and we did not win any championship; however, it was apparent that our offense could now move the ball, and we seemed to just compete in every game. I survived the season and our new addition to my offense will continue to always be at least a part of my playbook. Next year I have a QB coming in that has a good arm and great speed, as well as some decent running backs. Its obvious that next year looks a lot brighter. I have been thinking of ways to add more of a passing attack to my wildcat so that teams cannot just load up the box. With my QB who can run and pass we should be a lot tougher. I have plenty of run and miss direction plays. If anyone has some ideas about passing out of the Wildcat I would love to hear about them.